What are your turn around times?

Turnaround times are dependent on your needs, specifications and quantities.  For some of our standard items it is possible to turn orders around as quickly as 24 hours. If the specifications require an unusual material or if we need to create the concept art based on your direction  then we would put together a schedule […]

Are there minimum order quantities and standard product specifications?

There are certain sizes for all of the items we produce that most effectively utilize the rolls of paper or film in inventory. By utilizing these sizes we are able to help control your costs. However, we can work with you to determine the specifications that best meet your needs while providing you with input […]

What are the products you make?

Stik-Withit Printworks makes a broad range of removable, repositionable products including sticky notes, cubes, wall graphics, counter mats, bumper and window stickers, page markers and calendars. We are constantly innovating and bringing to market new ideas like journals with novel inserts, pads made from alternative fibers like sugar cane, die cut children’s dry erase wall […]

Who is Stik-Withit PrintWorks?

Stik-Withit Printworks helps customers develop removable , repositionable paper or film products  for a broad range of customers in many different industries. We are a private label, high quality manufacturer who also has the development capabilities to bring your vision to life. As a division of PCI, we are able to draw on the resources […]